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PATNA: Vehicular movement will be restricted on certain roads during Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s visit to Patna on Saturday.

Official sources said the PM will land at the airport at 10.40am and fly back to Delhi at 3.45pm. During his five-hour stay in the state, he will attend the Patna University’s centenary function in till 12.30pm after which he will go to Mokama by a chopper.

The centenary celebration will begin at 11am on the campus of Patna Science College on Ashok Rajpath. Only government vehicles, ambulances, fire tenders and vehicles of doctors and civil court lawyers will be allowed to move from Kargil Chowk towards Ashok Rajpath after 9am. Only vehicles with passes will be allowed to go to PU.

However, vehicles can ply towards Bakarganj or Ram Gulam Chowk and then move to Bhattacharya Road via Exhibition Road. Vehicles will also be allowed to use the Exhibition Road flyover.

Vehicles coming towards Ashok Rajpath from Patna Saheb side will be diverted left from Gandhi Chowk and to Ram Gulam Chowk via Bikhna Pahari, Machhua Toli and Bari Path.

Guests invited to the PU function and coming from Patna Saheb side will have to park their vehicle at SCERT building and then walk up to the venue.

Fifteen minutes prior to the landing of PM, vehicles will not be allowed on the route to be taken by his cavalcade. From the airport, the cavalcade will go to Karpori roundabout via Patel roundabout. The convoy will then turn left towards Eco Park and move towards Hartali Mor via New Secretariat. From Hartali Mor, it will go to the Dak Bungalow crossing via Income Tax roundabout.

From Dak Bungalow crossing, it will move towards JP roundabout and then towards Kargil Chowk via Children’s Park. From Kargil Chowk it will go Patna Science College.

Parking will not be allowed anywhere near Kargil Chowk from 6am till the PU event ends. Similar parking restrictions will be in place on the route to be taken by the PM’s convoy.

Vehicles moving towards Patna Junction from Boring Canal Road or Boring Road will be diverted towards Rajapur Pul from where they will move towards Children’s Park via Golghar. From Children’s Park, the vehicles will be diverted towards JP roundabout so that commuters can move towards either Bakerganj or Old Bypass via Exhibition Road flyover.

Vehicles coming from Danapur or Saguna Mor side towards Bailey Road will be diverted towards Patel Nagar. Vehicles coming from R-Block towards Income Tax roundabout will be diverted towards Adalatganj.

Vehicle of PU alumni, PU officials and and invited guests will be parked in Patna College after entry through gate number 1. Vehicles of VVIP guests to be seated on the dais will be parked near gate number 2 of Patna University.

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