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PM Narendra Modi Addressing Rally in Bihar's Darbhanga: Highlights

Dharbhanga, Bihar:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing a rally in Bihar’s Darbhanga district.

Here are the highlights:

  • I want to complain on behalf of my friend, Kirti Azad. Last time when Kirti was contesting the Lok Sabha, the crowds were not even half of what they are today
  • Grounds are becoming small for NDA rallies. At the same time, just the pandals are getting too big for Mahaswaarthbandhan rallies
  • This is not a rally, this is a mela (fair) for parivartan (change)
  • The government is for the poor and those in power must live and die for the poor
  • The poison of caste (Jaativaad ka zehar), Sampradaaywad ka junoon (passion of communalism) is leading to stain on our democracy
  • Despite threats from the guns of Maoists, people have voted in record numbers, I salute the voters of the state
  • We fought the Lok Sabha on the issue of development. We are fighting the assembly election of the issue of development only
  • These people are still living in the 1990s (Lalu and Nitish), they don’t even know that this is the 21st century, the youth wants to change their fortune.
  • Be it Lalu Ji or Nitish Ji or madam Sonia Ji, do they discuss the issue of development?
  • Will Bihar get on to the path of development by abusing Modi. They are abusing Modi all the time
  • There were instances where Nitish Ji and Lalu Ji’s workers clashed in the evening just after polling. If they are fighting just after polling gets over, then how will they work together in future.
  • Did you even see Lalu Ji, Nitish Ji and Rahul Ji together during the two month long campaign. If you didn’t see them together for two months, then how will they work together
  • If these people cannot walk hand in hand during the campaign, how will they be able to work together.


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