Patna Saheb decked up for Guru Nanak Jayanti today

PATNA: A magnificent ‘nagar kirtan (procession)’ from Gurdwara Gai Ghat to Takhat Sri Harimandir Ji Patna Saheb on Saturday evening perfectly set the stage for the 545th parkash purab (birth anniversary) of the first guru of Sikhs, Guru Nanak Dev.

Devotees brooming the procession path, three jathhas (teams) of ‘panj pyaras’ dressed in traditional attire with kirpans in their hands, two rows of children, elephants, camels and devotees singing gurbani presented a picture perfect scene. The one-km-long procession was led by a palanquin, in which Guru Granth Sahib was kept and carried by the gurdwara’s jathedar (head priest), Iqbal Singh.

The gurupurab celebrations in the state capital had kicked off a week ago. ‘Prabhat pheris’ were organized from Monday to Thursday, following which a three-day ‘akhand paath’ started in Gurdwara Guru Ka Bagh there.

At Takhat Saheb, a special ‘kavi darbar’ was organized on Saturday, to which teams from different parts of the country were invited. The celebrations on Sunday will be kicked off by the completion of ‘akhand paath’. Following this, kirtan darbaar will take place. Bhai Harnaam Singh (Srinagar) and gurdwara’s own ragi jathha will do gurbani recital. Lecture and poetry sessions on the life of Guru Nanak Dev will also take place, said general secretary of gurdwara’s prabandhak committee, Charanjeet Singh.

‘Atoot langar (community kitchen)’ will take place the whole Sunday. The celebrations will culminate with fireworks on Sunday midnight, said senior vice-president of the prabandhak committee, R S Jeet. Over 500 devotees from different parts of India have come to Patna, for whom special arrangement has been made, claimed the functionaries.

Meanwhile, the celebrations also took place in various other gurdwaras of Patna. While on Fraser Road, the main celebrations took place last week, those at gurdwara in Chitkohra took place on Saturday. They were celebrated earlier so that the entire Sikh community and others could take part in the festivities of Patna Saheb.

Guru Nanak Dev was born at Rai Boi di Talwandi, falling in the present-day Punjab of Pakistan. The place was renamed Nankana Sahib after his birthday. Guru Nanak travelled in different parts of the world, preaching the idea of ‘One God’ and founded Sikhism as a religion that denounces ‘karma kanda (rituals)’ and caste system.

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