Patna AIIMs makes use of stem cells to cure diseases – I am in dna of India

Patna AIIMs will soon start using stem cells to cure autism, diabetes, liver and kidney related problems. Doctors at AIIMs will first treat patients diagnosed with autism and diabetes with the help of stem cells.


If the doctors are successful in treating these patients they will move on to patients diagnosed with liver and kidney problems.


Patna AIIMs is the first hospital in the state to start the treatment of the diseases with stem cells.


“Currently we are using stem cells in curing spinal and spinal cord injury and we have been successful in that,” said head of biochemistry department, Dr. Sadhna Sharma.


“A young man who was suffering from spinal injury and was bed ridden started recovering within three months of his treatment with stems cells.  He was on the support of urinary catheter care which was removed after his treatment and now he can walk with someone’s support,” narrated Dr. Sharma while highlighting the importance of stem cells in curing diseases.


“Ethical committee of the hospital was approached for permission to make use of stem cells in treating patients with spinal injury. Now after seeing the success of stem cells treatment, the committee has given permission for the treatment of 25 more patients” added Dr. Sharma.


Stem cells help in curing tissue damage at different junctions in the body, hence helping in quick recovery of the patients.


If the doctors are successful in the treatment of  all the registered patients of spinal injury, autism and diabetes, treatment with stem cells will soon begin at AIIMs.

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