Muharram on Friday: Muslims keep fingers crossed

PATNA: Will Qayamat or the ‘Day of Judgment’ or doomsday fall on the tenth day of the Muharram and will that be a Friday? Incidentally, the ‘Ashura’, the tenth day of Hijri lunar calendar month of Muharram, is falling on November 15, Friday. This is no Nostradamus prophecy but the Islamic faith and Muslims by and large believe what is written in various texts of Hadis comprising the sayings of Prophet Mohammad.

However, what is a matter of satisfaction is that the believers are not scared simply because, it is mentioned in Hadis, there will hundreds of other visible signs before the advent of D-Day. The clerics say the day and date, and even time, of Qayamat were mentioned by the Prophet, but not the year. “Qayamat is a reality and will come one day because Allah has promised it. But when, only Allah knows,” said prominent cleric Maulana Shamim Ahmad Munami.

Munami, who heads Munamia shrine at Meetan Ghat in Patna City, said, “We have faith in the Hadis and believe that the ‘Day of Judgment’ will come on the day told by the Prophet to his followers.” He also said Imam Mehdi will appear before the doomsday. In Islamic eschatology, Imam Mehdi is the prophesied redeemer of Islam who will come years before the ‘Day of Judgment’ or ‘Day of Resurrection’ and will rid the world of evil.

Another cleric Maulana Mohammad Alam Qasmi quoted Hadis in which the Prophet talked about Qayamat which is mentioned in the book titled Bukhri. Qasmi, imam of Daryapur masjid, showed the text, which is credited to one of the followers of the Prophet, Abu Imama Bahuli, that quotes Prophet as saying that Qayamat will come on the tenth day of Muharram and the day will be Friday. Mufti Sanaul Hoda Qasmi of Imarat Shariah also confirmed this scripture. All the Islamic scholars of different faiths are unanimous in saying that the coming Friday is not the doomsday even if it coincides with the tenth day of Muharram.

However, the Shias, who observe Muharram with dedication, wear black, beat their chest and mourn the martyrdom of Prophet’s grandson Imam Hussain and his followers on this day 1,333 years ago at Karbala in Iraq, do not believe the timing of the ‘Day of Judgment’.

A Shia cleric, Ehtisham Hussain of Lucknow, who is in Muzaffarpur for Muharram discourse said, “Only Allah knows when Qayamat will come, but it will be a Friday. But there is no mention of date and month and year.”

Maulana Muzaffar Raza, who leads Juma prayers at Baoli masjid in Patna City, said it is not the first time that Ashura is falling on Friday. He also pointed out that the tenth day of Muharram is not being observed on Friday globally and in several countries like in the Gulf, it will be observed on Thursday.

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