Move to close approach roads to Kaimur hills bold: Police officer – The Indian Express

A top police officer Monday called the Bihar government’s move to close approach roads to Kaimur hills to stop stone mining “a bold step”. Shahabad range deputy inspector general of police Mohammed Rahman insisted that it did not suggest lack of confidence in police. “The government has taken a decisive step to stop illegal stone mining. While police continue to carry raids and destroy stone crushers, severing approach roads could prove decisive,’’ Rahman told The Indian Express. “But severing routes to the hills would not mean that police have lesser responsibility. In fact, we have to be more vigilant now to ensure that stone mafia does not fill up blasted roads. If police are not vigilant, stone mafia can fill blasted roads in no time. They have wherewithal to do so.’’

Rehman said that they have suspended 16 policemen in the last 15 months. “We have recently arrested a constable called Pappu Singh, who has accused some senior policemen from Bhojpur, Arwal, Rohtas and Aurangabad of conniving with stone mafia. This is serious allegation. We have served show-cause notices to two DSPs.’’ He added that some black sheep must not wash away good works of the Rohtas police. “We have seized about 2,000 trucks used to carry stones.’’

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