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Aurangabad: In a late night action, the crime branch on Monday raided the office of a weekly newspaper and arrested nine members found gambling in there, including the office head.

The sleuths seized Rs 41,000 cash and other articles totally worth over Rs1 lakh.

Around a month ago, the Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of the city police busted one of the leading gambling dens operating in the jurisdiction of Vedantnagar police station. The cops nabbed 50 suspects including an MIM corporator, several traders, businessmen and builders from Aurangabad and the neighbouring areas.

The latest raid has once again sent a strong message to those involved in illegal activities.

Sources revealed that an informer from the area notified the crime branch about some suspicious activity being carried out in the building in Motikaranja area. On Monday, over 100 cups of tea were consumed on the first floor of the newspaper office. The order was placed being at a tea stall in the area, and the informer had been sitting there at the time.

Crime branch inspector Shivaji Kamble said, “We received a specific tip-off that a weekly newspaper’s office was being used for illegal activities. Following this, we raided the two-storeyed building and found the men gambling.

The officer said that the accused had assumed that a weekly newspaper office would never create suspicion of illegal affairs and no raids would be conducted.

Area police inspector Hemant Kadam said that the accused were granted bail on Tuesday.

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