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Aurangabad: In a major development, the Medical Council of India (MCI) recently announced its decision to bring all medical practitioners in the country under a single digital system by issuing each of them a Unique Permanent Registration Number (UPRN).

The move is aimed at dealing with duplicate registrations, quackery and regularization of medical practice, and ensure bond discipline. Speaking on Saturday, Ramesh Rohiwal, Aurangabad president, Indian Medical Association, said the uniform registration system will help doctors who have to shift from one place. “Earlier, doctors who migrated would face several difficulties since they were registered with the medical council of a different state. The UPRN will be a boost to such doctors. It will also make it easy to search for the registration of doctors,” said Rohiwal.

Though the medical fraternity has welcomed the MCI move, a key hurdle is the renewal of doctors’ registration in Maharashtra every five years. Rohiwal pointed out that the Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC) requires doctors to complete one-year and two-year bonds to get their registrations renewed. This is for the doctors who completed their graduation, post-graduation and super-speciality degrees from government medical colleges between 1980 and 2000.

Many such doctors never served the bond and are now practising privately, said Rohiwal. Doctors say that the government had no vacancies for them to work, which is why they could not complete their bond. “Now, while renewing their registration, they are being asked for the bond-free certificate. Those who did not serve the bond are required to pay compensation, which is also applicable retrospectively, including interest, which adds up to an unrealistic amount,” said Rohiwal.

Kuldeep Singh Raul, president-elect, IMA Aurangabad, said this rule regarding the bond was not published in the gazette and therefore the decision of the state council is of questionable.

Raul also termed UPRN as the first step towards developing a centralized healthcare database wherein the prescription and the procedures administered to the patients can be stored. “The one-nation one-registration system will help us eliminate the confusion in identifying and verifying the registration number of doctors,” he said.

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