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Patna: The government on Saturday approved a Rs 86-crore project to construct a ring bund around Sitab Diara, the village of Jayaprakash Narayan, to protect it from being eroded by the Ghaghra river.

Chief minister Nitish Kumar took the decision at the cabinet meeting to address a long-pending demand to save JP’s village in Saran district, around 100km northwest of Patna.

“Sitab Diara village is located in such a manner that some part of it falls in Bihar (Saran), and some in Uttar Pradesh (Balia district). The Bihar government has decided to save the village from erosion at a cost of Rs 86 crore,” said Brijesh Mehrotra, principal secretary, cabinet secretariat. “The UP government is addressing the situation on its side so that the protection plan can be successful.”

The project will start by January 2017, officials said.

A 4km ring bund – an embankment made to combat floods in localised areas – would be constructed on the right banks of Ghaghra river in Saran’s Revelgunj block. “The scheme will secure 315 hectares of land near Sitab Diara village and provide protection to a population of around 12,600 residing in the area,” said water resources department’s principal secretary Arun Kumar Singh.

Water resources officials said JP’s village is threatened with erosion ever since the Ghaghra river changed its course. “Earlier the river flew towards the Chhapra side, but the pattern has changed in the last eight years towards Sitab Diara side,” said technical adviser Indu Bhushan Kumar.

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