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Aurangabad: White browed bulbul, a bird that is not endemic to Marathwada, has been spotted for the first time at Himayat Bagh near Salim Ali Lake.

A native of Western Ghats, the nearly 20-centimetre sized winged creature, has added to the list of intra-migratory birds spotted in the region. The white browed bulbul is found on edges of forest and gardens.

“Many resident birds of Maharashtra are not seen in Aurangabad and region and white browed bulbul was one of them. It is heartening to see new non-endemic bird variety living freely in the city limits,” environmentalist Kishor Pathak, who spotted the bird, said.

Interestingly, the white browed bulbul is often more heard than seen by bird experts. “It is shy in nature and stays within bushes or hides within branches of trees. Therefore, it makes sighting of the bird very difficult. Listening to characteristic sound of the bird and following it accordingly is the only way of tracing it,” Pathak said.

While the white browed bulbuls usually live in pairs of male and female, the mate of the feathery creature spotted at Himayat Bagh could not be traced till Wednesday evening.

The spotting of the white browed bulbul prompted environmentalists to give a clarion call for conservation of biodiversity of Himayat Bagh as well as Salim Ali Lake.

“Both these biodiversity hotspots are located near each other and support the ecosystem in many ways. Different government authorities, including Aurangabad Municipal Corporation, should not neglect these locations,” environmentalists said.

Himayat Bagh, which serves as ideal habitat of birds due to the presence of different fruit trees and flowers, is complimented by the presence of the water body in the form of Salim Ali Lake in the vicinity.

“The rise of unlawful activities near Salim Ali Lake is highly disturbing for the overall biodiversity in its vicinity that also encompasses Himayat Bagh. Concerted efforts need to be taken to ensure ecosystem of Aurangabad remains rich and diverse,” Pathak said.

It may be noted that environmentalists had spotted a pair of white capped bunting at Chauka near Aurangabad in early March, which was declared as 577 bird species found in Maharashtra. Only six species of buntings had been listed in Maharashtra before the spotting of the white capped bunting near the city.

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