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Organ donation is picking up in small towns of Maharashtra, with Aurangabad on Tuesday making a second heart donation to Mumbai in five months. The heart was rushed to Mumbai where it was transplanted into a 38-year-old Thane resident. This was the 20th heart transplant carried out in the city.

The recipient, an employee at a chemical factory and a father of two, had been diagnosed with viral myocarditis (inflammation and damage of the heart muscle) and intractable arrhythmia (disturbance in normal heart rhythm) about two months ago, and was told that a heart transplant was the only solution. He was waitlisted for a heart about 10 days ago.

On Tuesday morning, the heart of a 32-year-old man who had suffered a head injury in a road accident and was declared brain dead, was harvested at the United Ciigma Hospital in Aurangabad. The organ was rushed to the airport and brought to Mumbai in a commercial flight.

The Mumbai traffic police, who have on multiple occasions enabled the swift movement of the ambulance carrying an organ, once again created a green corridor from the airport to Fortis Mulund. The heart was then rushed into the operation theatre and the transplant procedure performed immediately.

The heroes of the successful transplant were the Aurangabad family who agreed to donate their loved one’s heart. Officials of the Zonal Transplant Coordination Committee said that cadaver donations were picking up in small towns. “This was the sixth cadaver donation in Aurangabad as against none last year,” said an official.

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